"Emma G"

Where did our name originate?

In 1852, my family acquired land through the Homestead Act in Northwest Kansas. My grandmother Emma Gackstatter lived on this land the majority of her life. When her husband passed away she ran the farm by herself. Growing up I would spend the summers with my grandma. We would make our own soap to hand wash our clothes and handmade candles in case the electricity went out. Emma was very resourceful,  she saved every ounce of water never letting a drop go down the sink. She used that water for the outdoor plants as well as her gutter run off water. She has inspired me to be as strong, independent and resourceful as she was.

I recently moved back to her farmhouse where I started making soaps and candles like I did when I was a kid. This is where Emma G Candle Co. was born. In Emma’s house.

I only use vegan soy blend products with no phthalates in the fragrances. Beautiful crackling wooden wicks are used in a reusable glass jar and sealable bamboo lid. I hope this product brings you as much joy as it does when I hand pour each one where it all began, on the homestead.

Our candles use a soy wax blend designed for the maximum amount of scent to penetrate any room without being overpowering.


        Mrs Emma Gackstatter